Game Development

We offer a full service solution for computer games or similar projects including all necessary components – from planning and architecture up to implementation and final testing (debugging, bug fixing etc.).

Also, incorporation into any existing projects is no problem for us.

Our services support all standard devices with their conforming operating systems like mobile Devices, PC, Mac and games consoles.

We are working with the most common engines like Unity, Unreal or Cocos2D but we also support any customer-owned software.

Besides our services we develope own games, mostly with adaptive sound design and/or auditive gameplay.

Planning, Architecture, Implementation, Testing
Mobile, PC, Mac, Consoles
Unity, Unreal, Cocos2D, In-house support

Audio Production

In addition to our programming services we offer full audio solutions for any kind of project.

We have specialized in sound design whether by sound synthesis, sampling or foley (sound recordings).

Also soundscapes (musically inspired atmospheres), sound branding and adaptive music composition can be created by us.

Our studio provides all required recordings such as vocals (speech, singing), music, foley or field for atmospheres – editing included of course.

Mixings whether before a desired implementation or directly in the corresponding engine can be realized in 2D (Stereo) or 3D and if necessary by using a so-called middleware such as Wwise or FMOD.

Composing & Sound Design
Adaptive Music + Sounds
Voice, Music, Foley, Field
Stereo and 3D